How can you authentically give your customer what they need and feel good doing it?


Adding what 'they' need to what 'you' need. 
That's the formula for success. 

Oh but that's harder than it sounds. 
It's rarely 2+2=4 in the real world!

How can you authentically give your customer what they need and feel good doing it?

It starts with listening to your customer and observing her. Make a real effort to understand and predict her wants and desires. Talk to her, ask her questions, notice what she's commenting on in your social media posts. Have real conversations. Where are the gaps? Is she expressing frustration, doubt, or uncertainty? Can you help?

Here's an example of an unmet need of mine. I've often thought about taking a ski trip to Hokkaido. I've never been there before so it feels like the great unknown. My fears relate to these broad categories: having language difficulties, things being more expensive than expected with lots of hidden costs, spending the whole time coordinating my family on a stressful chaotic holiday and coming back exhausted.

When I heard about Niseko Central I immediately started to feel more confident about this trip. It's not happening this year, it's still "one day" ... but with each newsletter I receive I feel more excited about the possibilities and I CAN SEE MYSELF AND MY KIDS in the pictures.

Here are the steps. Identify the need. Tap into your own passionate knowledge base and provide a solution. Guide the prospective customer towards being able to see, feel and taste herself with that solution / in that scenario. Keep building the excitement, the desire. Keep assuaging her fears. Eventually, hopefully sooner rather than later, you'll make the sale.

Ski trip anyone?