Heaven is real

A slice of heaven - Auckland city

A slice of heaven - Auckland city

During a recent long flight I watched Heaven is For Real. It's about a small-town minister who is struggling with his faith. Life is far from idyllic and the family has been thrown quite a few curveballs. He questions whether there is a God and when he's going to start backing his team. When his young son has a near-death experience and starts talking about heaven, Jesus and the angels, the man is disbelieving. It suddenly dawns on him that he's not entirely convinced that heaven or any kind of afterlife exists, which of course casts major doubt over his chosen profession and the so-called words of wisdom he dishes out each Sunday. 

The question of faith is one that has stuck with me. I'm not much of a religious person but it strikes me that so much of what we do in life is based on blind faith. The time we invest in our children for instance. It's all done with the hopes that they will achieve their dreams, become good citizens and make us proud - or at least not turn out to be cock-ups.

Any kind of education is undertaken with a measure of uncertainty. None of us knew what our futures would hold when we began our degrees or took college courses.

Making money is a kind of religion for some people. And like all religions it's undertaken on blind faith. You invest time, money and a huge amount of emotional energy into promoting yourself or your work in the hopes that one day you'll be granted entry to the pearly gates. You have moments when you just don't believe anymore, you fear that you'll be revealed for a fraud. Even the preacher doubts what he preaches sometimes! 

Sometimes we need proof that heaven exists. For us in the marketing world this proof comes in the form of success stories. We each have a different definition of success but for me I have been trying to live more in the moment and be grateful for the success I have achieved thus far. It's not worth measuring so much in monetary terms but we're well on our way on so many levels.

They say the proof is in the pudding. Our recent trip to New Zealand is one for the "I've made it" category. Life is good. Blind faith. Gratitude along the way. 

Jacqui Miyabayashifaith, success