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Amanda O'Brien & Jacqui Miyabayashi

Amanda O'Brien & Jacqui Miyabayashi

I am overjoyed to be back at work with some VERY exciting projects to announce.

First the teaser - I am positively delirious about the exclusive entrepreneurs retreat that I am hosting along with my good friend Amanda O'Brien. We're old friends from way back when our older children were just toddlers. Now teenagers it means we've known each other for over a decade, meeting when the kids were about two or three years old at a playgroup for bilingual children.

Amanda is Australian, has three children and lives in Osaka. She's a very talented Interior Designer and also co-owns an architectural firm with her husband.

We've talked about working together for years and finally this year we decided that the odd lunch together and chats over Facebook just aren't enough. We need hours, days, weeks, to talk about all the plans we have for our businesses. Every single time we get together one or both of us has a major revelation. The idea of a business mastermind retreat came to each of us independently - it was SNAP! me too! me too! me too! when we shared the thought a few months ago.

Once thing we both agreed on is that opportunities for foreign women are few and far between in Japan and in fact in Asia. Being Kansai girls (living in the Osaka region) we also feel some quite strong pangs of envy when we read about conferences in Tokyo. Our retreat is open to women from all over Japan and anyone who has always wanted to come to Japan.

We absolutely would love to have you join us. Come hell or high water Amanda and I are going! 

Sublime Soul Recharge 2015

Imagine a long weekend spent laughing, eating and relaxing with great friends, new and old who share your passion for a bright future.

A blissful mastermind retreat

Recharge your batteries after the long hot Japanese summer.

Feel reinvigorated and refreshed.

An exclusive entrepreneur escape

We are a group of energetic and passionate women who enjoy helping each other and mastering the power of sharing ideas and wisdom.

This kind of opportunity is rare in Japan for entrepreneurial women, so we decided to do something about it.

Together we will plan for success in your business - no matter how big or small, whether still just an idea or a long-running venture.

Be inspired. Expand your network. Discover new opportunities. 


For more information about our retreats, dinners and workshops visit Ginkgo Alliance - our mastermind based in Osaka.