Caravanning around Australia, long weekends in Manarola Liguria

Picture from  unsplash

Picture from unsplash

I found this picture so inspiring and dreamy I had to write another post about the dream business more specifically the dream lifestyle. Over on Facebook it's been quite a popular post with people talking about caravan road trips around Australia and one fan had even been to this exact location on a long weekend trip. Lucky her!

We've been talking a lot about the vision for your business. I found it easy to do when I let my subconscious mind process these questions (a partial list of the many more you could come up with). 

In the 37 signals book there's a chapter on start-ups. Oftentimes the founder of the business can find himself/herself working in the exact type of company he/she set out NOT to create. There have even been cases of the founder being ousted for refusal to tow the line -usually when the bean-counters implement lots of rules, policies and a dress-code.

With this in mind it's a good idea to build the kind of business you see yourself working in, right?

At the beginning of last year I decided it was time to take Mee a Bee to the next level. I took a course where questions similar to these were asked. My notes had things like:  I see myself working in a reclaimed warehouse with happy young hipster staff designing and screen printing our own designs on fabric. Rows of minimal industrial tables and work surfaces. Maybe an open-studio each Saturday. Plenty of coffee and a couch to sit on for meetings. Someone else running to the post office every five minutes.

After a few days I came to the realisation that this dream business may prove to be a nightmare as I do not enjoy being a boss or supervisor of staff. I also couldn't see myself ever working up the courage to approach a bank for a small business loan. I would need a serious partner to make this a reality.

I decided instead that I am much happier working from home. I have everything I need right here to help others in a big way by staying small and keeping it personal. A virtual team to handle the admin stuff would be great. I see myself running a boutique marketing and business development studio. My kids were a factor of course, they still need me after school. My disdain of managing employees was an issue too. I also quite like being able to work in my yoga pants and pick the sounds of the day on iTunes. And taking random days off. 

Give it a go yourself. Read the questions and write down your answers. Give your brain a few days to mull over the questions and come back to your written answers. I often have revelations first thing in the morning if I manage to wake up before I have to get up (Sundays mainly).

Check out some of the comments on Facebook and add your own.