Are you this woman? The woman of 2019 and beyond.


The woman of 2019 is busy, focused and unapologetic in her demand for luxury. The new definition of luxury is minimal, not ostentatious. It's stylish, understated and embodies simplicity.

Self-care is now considered a necessity. Women are embracing services that make self-care easy. She expects a high level of personalisation. It's a minimum requirement to address her by name and know whether she prefers latte or matcha tea. Loyalty is fostered through the extra touches. Know her well enough that she considers you a friend and you'll have an evangelist, an advocate, for your business.

It's not about flashy glamour, it's about making her feel she's the best version of herself, giving her the confidence to face her challenging days as a wife, mother, daughter, caregiver, career woman. Whether you do this by colouring her hair the perfect shade to cover the grey or shaping her nails and giving her a relaxing hand massage while letting her worries slip away. You might help her style her wardrobe. You might create bespoke jewellery. Those finishing touches can't be underestimated as she powers through her day.

The woman of 2019 is your customer and she is waiting for you to tell her what she needs. In every aspect of her life, there are opportunities to make things better. It's not about perfection, it's about recognising that everyone has talents and it makes sense to outsource in areas where others are more skilled.

Health, beauty and wellness are the obvious industries but look also at opportunities in coaching services. Just about any professional service can be purchased via new business models that make them less intimidating and more accessible.

What industry are you in? What opportunities are you seeing for 2019 and beyond? What are you missing? Is it time to change things up and take your slice of the pie? How can you make things better (easier) for your customers of the future?

* This article was originally posted on my Facebook page. It’s an example of the in depth thinking and approach I take to planning your marketing campaigns. Please reach out via the contact page if you would like to set up a free consultation to discuss your project.