Are you a wannabe?

This is something I have spent way too much time contemplating myself. What am I? An entrepreneur? Am I just a wannabe entrepreneur (a wantrepreneur)? I'm a mum so does that make me a mum-preneur? Or am I something completely different?

Self-employed, a small business owner, a consultant, an internet marketer?

I have a new mantra. Worry less about the title and more about the work you need to do.

After many many conversations with women thinking about starting a business I was struck by how many worried about the notion of assuming risk. Risk is inherent with any new undertaking. When you see the definition of entrepreneur (from Mirriam-Webster: : a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money) it's easy to imagine a big start-up with tons of investors, staff, profit projections ... that sounds scary and risky to me too!

With my thinking cap on I tried to envisage a money-making scenario that wasn't risky or at worst risked loss of face or a few I-told-you-so comments. As a mother I can relate to wanting to minimise risk. I have too many responsibilities to take the all-or-nothing leap.

This the premise of what I am working on: How to start your business from scratch and build it alongside whatever else you have going on.

A little on the side. Condimnt.

As risk-free as possible.

You can call yourself whatever you like but we'll start with brave.

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