A recipe for dreaming


Over the years I've had the great privilege of seeing my clients' visions for the future start to come to fruition. One thing I've learned is that it doesn't have to be an elaborate 'wildest dreams' scenario for your happiness level to increase significantly. Most of us would be happy with a comfortable house and a decent car rather than a huge mansion and a ferrari.

I wrote down a three year plan once. The funny thing is I didn't date it so I have no idea whether it was three or more years ago. I'm thinking I wrote it back in 2013 when I started down the path I am on now. Here's the thing, a lot of these 'crazy' wishes and desires have happened and are possible NOW. Like these ones:

- money to travel every year
- able to pay for mum and dad to visit
- going on spa weekends
- working with successful people
- going to conferences

For today's picture I've chosen the caption 'a recipe for dreaming' which is the title of a little book I have by Bryce Courtenay. In it he writes:

Take one dream. Dream it in detail. Put it into your own hands. See its final outcome clearly in your mind. Mix it with a little effort and a generous portion of self-discipline. Flavour it with a wholesome pinch of ambition. Stir it briskly with confidence until the mixture becomes clear, the doubt separated from the resolution. Bake at an even temperature in a moderate mind until the dream rises and is firm to the touch. Decorate with individuality. Cut into generous portions and serve with justifiable pride.
Approached in this manner, life is a piece of cake.

Good luck.

Good luck is what almost always comes to those who use the recipe for dreaming and, having dreamed their dream, never, never give up until they have it. 

Bryce Courtenay. 

Now who's hungry?