A less than perfect life?

Image: Death to the Stock Photo

Image: Death to the Stock Photo

This may be an ongoing series. In my introduction I mention freeing yourself from the quiet desperation of a less than perfect life.

What is a less than perfect life?

For me, right at this moment, and it changes on any given day, it's having an abundance of talent that is being wasted.

I'm not necessarily talking about myself and my talents.

I'm thinking of women, specifically mothers, who for one reason or another are at home taking care of kids when they would rather be contributing to the world in other ways as well.

I'm also thinking of women who are forced to take meaningless part-time jobs just so they can have the flexibility to be home after school or during the school holidays.

I also feel frustrated over the criticism that women face when they make career choices once they become mothers or decide not to become mothers.

The so-called mommy wars between working mums and stay-at-home mums. Where do I fit in? As a work-at-home mum?

And lastly, before this can of worms really blows its lid - the guilt I feel for not really having to work (since my husband supports the family adequately) but wanting to work because having kids and taking care of them isn't the be all and end all of my existence.

Is there a perfect solution?