Invest in yourself even if it's scary


Are we friends on Instagram? Today I posted this picture and talked about Gratitude. I've worked with some amazing coaches this year and I wanted to call them out but I want to backtrack a bit here. 

Just four years ago (in 2013) I was stressing quite majorly about my older son's exam schedule, my younger son's behaviour and the frustrating lack of REAL progress in my sewing business.

It was great timing when my friend JoJoEbi called me to tell me about a business mentor named Marie Forleo and her online business training program called B-School. 

B-School really spoke to me but it's not a cheap program. I had to think long and hard about joining it. I couldn't sleep for thinking about it, so I eventually signed up. (It was probably a case of FOMO). 

I haven't looked back since. I started thinking big and I finally realised what my secret superpowers really are. Instead of looking at my sewing business as a failure waiting to happen I saw it as a wonderful success story and the proving ground for me as a business and marketing expert. Suddenly I wasn't just a stay-at-home mum, wannabe entrepreneur. I WAS an entrepreneur. It was eye-opening. 

I'll let you in on a secret. I didn't tell my husband I had registered for B-School because I knew he would flip his lid over the cost of it. I was lucky that my two small businesses (sewing kid's bags and chatting over cake & coffee) allowed me to invest in the program. It was easily the most I had ever spent on myself or my business. Remember when I started my sewing business I bought just one metre of fabric to make five bags. I didn't buy anything else until I sold those bags and had money to reinvest. So I started that business with ¥1100 and a free website on That was all I had as a mum at home with two little kids.

I'd love to hear about the investments you've made in yourself & your business and how they paid off for you. And what do you think about me keeping it a secret? 

If you're interested in knowing who my current business coaches and mentors are you can read my post on Instagram today -