Women making great strides in entrepreneurship

I wish my desk were this neat!

I wish my desk were this neat!

Tidying up my desk today (you wouldn't believe the amount of random notes I have everywhere) I came across a page I had penned probably about a year or more ago. I must've been reading something, I always am. 

During the great recession of 2008 - 2012 three quarters of the 7.5 million jobs lost were lost by men. Women [through necessity] are making great strides in entrepreneurship.
— unknown


My thoughts (at the time, but still a relevant reminder for me).

Remember why you are doing this. For your children's future. You don't want them to look back at the past with regret. Mum was always working.

I'm going against the grain and suggesting that you scale back. Put systems in place that flatten the sales cycle. Less emphasis on Christmas / 4th quarter sales. Focus instead on other relevant dates for your industry: birthdays / back-to-school / summer vacation / camp. Make these the focus of your sale's push.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Get organised. I'm doing that today.