Help me to help you

I'm having a blast with all my lovely clients this month. Once thing keeps coming up: "Jacqui, I need more customers!" Is this a problem you have? One of my clients has too many customers. Equally a struggle. What are your struggles?

I'd be grateful if you would spend 2 - 5 minutes completing a quick survey I have uploaded here. Your answers will be kept completely confidential. You needn't leave your name or address but if you'd like to have me email you a response, to help you move forward on any issue, then leave an address and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Is finding new customers a pressing issue for you? No? What are your most pressing issues or struggles: Click here to tell me.

(It's a written survey, no phone calls!)

Thank you in advance!

And please, don't be intimidated by my fancy website, I'm just an ordinary person sitting here behind a computer whose passion in life is seeing women succeed. Ask me a question ANYTIME.