Warning: you are losing money by not using a content creation expert

image from PicJumbo

image from PicJumbo

Over in the JMC Workshop the first lessons are up asking the questions:

  • What do you do?
  • Who do you do it for?  
  • What problem do you solve?

On the surface these questions seem straight forward but when it comes time to write down your answers, are you drawing a blank?

Our golden rule is that we are building a thriving, sustainable business. We start with an idea then we set about proving or disproving that a market exists for that idea.  

(We need customers to buy our service or product, the customers are the 'market')


Here are ten ideas for writers who want to make money.

I'm a ___________.

  1. ghost writer
  2. writing coach
  3. editor
  4. content creation expert
  5. independent journalist
  6. copy writer
  7. investigative reporter
  8. editorialist
  9. novelist
  10. biographer

Or try these: I write for _________.

  1. businesses and organisations
  2. non-profits
  3. individuals, bloggers
  4. advertising agencies
  5. newspapers
  6. magazines

Or how about this: I solve the problem ___________.

not everyone can write (well), enjoys writing or has time to write quality content. I write for them.

Indications are that the need for the written word is stronger than ever. These random resources support that thinking, a few of my favourites actually.

Contently - from the manifesto: People don't want "content"; they want compelling stories. I get the daily posts. I read them all from the blog.

Set up your own portfolio here: Contently for journalists.

The queen of content, Ann Handley. I have her book, Content Rules. I have read this book several times.

Think people don't read blogs? Make yours amazing with Creatavist. I wish I were a writer.

Or read newspapers? Make it interactive like NYTimes project. This was incredibly compelling.

Inspiring backstories, embracing the history, deepening the connection between customers and the company. Basecamp is doing it. Very cool. Honoring traditions.

Lastly, how do you like my headline? It was created for this post using Portent's Content Idea Generator. Fun but often very useful.


Which creative career are you thinking about going after? Leave a comment and I'll give you ten ideas for making money from it. I love a challenge.