Honour who you are and what you do. Own it!

image from Death to the Stock Photo. Poster created with Canva. My own words! My new mantra.

image from Death to the Stock Photo. Poster created with Canva. My own words! My new mantra.

Earlier today I posted a couple of snaps to my personal Facebook page. I had been sewing, baking, chatting and plotting - in other words I had been at 'work'. I made the comment that I was extremely fortunate to be able to work from home, set my own schedule and be my own boss. That was on my personal page, where I have no qualms about sharing the real story of my life. 

On my business Facebook page for JMC it's a different story and it got me thinking. I created this poster as a reminder to be true to myself, to honour myself and to OWN IT. What on earth?

JMC is a new business venture for me. I want to look like I know what I am talking about. I want to inspire and have people aspire to have what I have or do what I do. I want to look professional.

I've been a tiny bit secretive about what I do, thinking that my other work detracts from what I am trying to accomplish here. Does it? I've decided that if it does look unprofesh to you then we're not a good fit. Sorry to be harsh but it's my new mantra, to be true to myself.

So getting real. Today, a day in the life of a creative mum. (33 friends pressed 'like' on my post on FB. My life looks like fun!! and it is!)

  • Woke up at 6.30am and finally got up at 7 to see my eldest off to school. On rainy days I drive him to the train station but today it was clear although his bike seat needed a dry-off.
  • 7.45am while waiting for a load of washing to finish I am sorting out my sock drawer and setting aside winter thermals which I'll need later this year when I go to New Zealand!! 
  • My youngest dashes out the door at around this time.
  • I have emails that have come in overnight, I eat breakfast and type replies one-handed. 
  • I receive the loveliest email from a new customer at Mee a Bee, my children's bag shop (Business #1). Customer service is very important to me so I reply as quickly and as thoroughly as I can.
  • By ten my other customers have arrived, Business #2 is me teaching local residents to speak English. We do this over coffee and homemade cake. I've baked mini-carrot cakes. And since I have people in the house I've had to clean the bathroom, vacuum, get out of my yoga pants and put on some makeup.
  • 11.30am sees them leaving, all raving about my cakes and admiring my shiny floors. I steam-mopped a few days ago. Dishes washed and cleared away, Business #2 is done with for the week - I have nine classes over the month.
  • I head straight for the closet where my sewing room is now housed and pull out the bags that I need to make. Back to Business # 1. Lunch will have to wait.
  • Sewing completed by half-past twelve but two new styles have emerged so I need new photos. My portable photo studio is above my sewing machine. I use a cheapo point & shoot camera to take shots then edit as much as I can given my lack of professional skill in this area, using free software by Gimp. I get the photos uploaded to my Etsy storefront for Mee a Bee then contact the customer again, chat to a few people on Facebook and eat leftovers at my desk again.
  • The poster above emerges from my subconscious when I realise the disconnect between the image I present on JMC Facebook and my personal page. I know why I do it. I want to be bigger. I want to go after the bigger fish. Probably only 1% of Etsy sellers, or even less, really make it. There are many small fish. BTW Jacqui Miyabayashi Creative is Business #3.
  • The day continues and by 3pm the pumpkin has changed back and I'm mum again. The littlest runs in and demands a hug. Swimming lessons, dinner, bedtime story.
  • Midnight. I am writing this post. I should be in bed. The other half of my life starts again in six hours. 

That's my day in a nutshell. Three kids if you include my husband which I do during the week since he needs feeding and creates laundry just like the other two. Three businesses. Three separate customer profiles. Three websites and a million emails. All collectively they are me: Jacqui Miyabayashi. All born from me and my ideas.

So. I vow to be true to myself. To honour what I have created. To keep it real. To own it. To share what I know. To trust that I have expertise. My skills are enough. I am good enough, better than good, I am amazing.