There are some things I can't help you with


It might be the hint of spring in the air. People are feeling inspired. Perhaps it's the turning leaves as summer winds down that is lighting a fire in your belly? I've been getting tons of emails from people thinking about starting new businesses. Of course I am excited!

My special area of interest is marketing especially when the idea is fresh and new. I enjoy helping people flesh out their ideas, challenging their current thinking and maybe trying something new altogether. 

What I cannot help you with is the legal guff. Making sure you aren't breaking any zoning laws if you plan to operate your business from home, what licences you might need to sell food, how you will pay employee salaries, registering your business for tax purposes, opening a bank account, all that {boring} stuff. Of course it goes without saying that you must look into it yourself. You want to be running your business above board right from the beginning.

Head over to Google and run a search for your local "Small Business Advisory" or similar. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how much free information is readily available. You may qualify for free consultations and even financial assistance but at minimum you don't want to inadvertently break any laws.

Lots of these organisations have free business and marketing plan templates. Have you ever tried any of them? I sometimes feel like you need a degree in business to be able to interpret them. What do you think? Hit me with your best SWOT joke.