I will make my best art

Are you a fan of pop music? In particular Beyonce? Whether you are or you aren't I highly recommend you watch the five part series of interviews she did to coincide with the release of her 'Visual Album' late last year. She talks about the creative process, her art, how deeply personal it is to her. She talks about how she wants her fans to feel and connect with her music.


I found these interviews deeply inspiring and from a marketing point of view it's a beautiful thing. Why make something, anything, unless you have a vision for how you want people to feel when they see it for the first time, hold it in their hands or use it?

Beyonce is no fool, she recognises that she needs to sell her work so that the record label, videographers, dancers, makeup artists and everyone else who collaborates on the production of music, can get paid for what they do. At the same time she is not prepared to compromise on her artistic integrity. You could make the argument that this is only possible for Beyonce due to her success thus far but I still think that sticking to your guns creatively is surely something to strive for. Don't you agree?

I will make my best art ... and just put it out
— Beyonce