Just fontastic


Some artsy craftsy people share a love for something that others just don't get: fonts and typography. I'm no expert but I do love to discover new fonts. I can recognise and name a lot and I do have a large file of downloaded fonts on my computer.

I was pretty excited in a nerdy way to see this article about font-inspired glasses. Yep, glasses. I don't even wear glasses but I wanted to order some straight away! 

They are a Japanese design and so far seem only available for order here in Japan via the Oh My Glasses (OMG cool name!) website. They'll set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Lucky me to be in Japan for when I do need glasses.

You can read more about the design of these glasses here on Fastcodesign.

Helvetica is a cool font as is Garamond.

Right now I am using Roboto and Droid Serif here on my site for various reasons. They're both Google Fonts and load up quickly as well as looking nice (I think).

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