Down the rabbit hole - Rachel Zoe and Silver Jeans?

Lately I've been trying to switch off at night in an effort to get a better night's sleep. I've been trying not work too late at night. I'm trying not use any of my gadgets right before I sleep. I am reading fiction in bed instead of business & marketing books. And I've been watching TV.

I watched four seasons of Breaking Bad over two weeks - that had my mind racing all night and gave me vivid kind of frightening dreams. bad Breaking Bad.

Then I started watching some old episodes of Rachel Zoe Project. Not being in the US I hadn't heard much about her before. Actually I thought she had a cooking show ... wrong person!

Anyway I was interested in knowing what happened to Taylor from season one & two and whether she went on to become a successful stylist in her own right. I couldn't say for sure since I got completely distracted by an ad campaign she styled a few years ago for Silver Jeans.

I LOVE road trips so I liked this ad and I was curious about the company. Obviously it's just a little dated but still seems to hit all the right notes for the millennial crowd - stuff that's cool - VW combi vans, tattooed skinny guys, indie music track, wayfarers - and the end slogan Today, nothing matters but us.

Exploring further I learned that Silver Jeans is part of a family-owned business and has a great history. That sort of thing is fascinating to me and it connects people to the business by giving it a human face. (a little tip there).

Lets take a look at the Silver Jeans website from a marketing point of view:

  • their target market is clearly the young 'hipster' carefree twenty-something singles
  • they're using cool photos of real looking people in this age / demographic group (models none-the-less but not airbrushed to perfection)
  • the website is clearly laid-out but still interesting with on-trend fonts including some handwritten ones - very popular now. The site has different textures and a denim-inspired colour palette
  • it's kept up-to-date with the latest ad campaign videos viewable off the homepage (and they're archived on YouTube, very smart).
  • and my favourite element is the 'user-generated content' where fans can upload their pictures from Facebook, Instagram etc directly onto the site and there are hashtags to use so others can search and find the pix. Very cool and again very smart - this generation of young people LOVE their gadgets, iPhones/ tablets and they love to share, everything. 


Share your Silver Jeans Co.™ pix with us!

We <3 Silver Jeans Co.™ selfies! Tag us! #silverjeansco #sjcmoments
— Silver Jeans

To sum up, if you're a jean company, who wears jeans most? You could say everyone but I don't think they sell the 'mom' jeans I sometimes accidentally buy. Young people are predominantly jean-wearers and the site reflects this. It's wise to focus on a small group, a niche even, rather than try to please everyone.

Look at the lifestyle of those targeted young people. Where do they hang out? On their phones, on Instagram. They don't watch TV (much) instead they pick and choose what to watch based on links their friends send them from YouTube. What do they do in their free time? Go clubbing? Hang out in coffee shops? Go to music festivals? Take crazy road trips? Hang out with friends? It's all about living in the moment, following your own rules.

Now think about your ideal customer. Can you imagine their life or the life they aspire to? Can you see your product or service fitting into that lifestyle? That's the key question. Let me know if you need help brainstorming what the perfect customer looks like for your business. It's something I love doing.