A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work


I love working with artists and creative people. But I cannot help seeing creativity in every business pursuit. Take my brother-in-law's company for instance. He sells fishing rods, you know for fly fishing and stuff. Hmmm. At  FlyTackle they live to fish and fish to live. I'm sure if you ask any angler you'll be told it's equal parts art and science. There is definitely an art to the construction of the beautiful rods and reels. The lure of the river speaks volumes too.

What are some of the issues facing a company selling fishing gear? One could be that fishing is more of a seasonal sport. Sales tend to taper off towards winter. It takes hardcore dedication to stand in frigid ice-floe river water for hours. In addition some countries, like New Zealand, impose fishing restrictions at different times to protect fish populations. So what can the business do to smooth out the sales cycle over the year?

Here are some of my ideas to generate interest in the sport outside of actually doing it. The idea is to give anglers activities that can be done regardless of the season or weather and keep them excited about the sport year-round. Hopefully this translates into sales.

Starting with a simple newsletter campaign, encourage visitors to the site to sign up for free information about the sport.

Here are some content ideas. Use the winter as the time to educate about gear maintenance. Send out an infographic that illustrates exercises you can do to get in shape for the upcoming season, to increase your stamina or improve your casting.  Share some public announcements about conservation projects, ways to get involved to keep the waterways clean and well-stocked. People love to give back. Add links to cool fishing videos. Feature fellow fishermen in a 'Fishy Tales' section of the newsletter, ask people to send in their stories and photos.

The message is authentic and genuine, sharing a true passion for the sport and its future. The benefits pay off over the longterm as the company become known as honest, trustworthy conveyers of useful information.

I have millions of other ideas. Would you like to get some for your business? Leave a comment and I will put my thinking cap on. I love a challenge. I mean who knew that fly fishing could be so damn interesting?

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