Lego The Movie

The LEGO Movie (2014) Official Trailer [HD]

So Lego has a new movie out. I could not be more excited about it after watching numerous trailers, television spots and behind the scenes videos on YouTube. It hasn't been released in Japan yet (we're always so behind!!) but should be here in time for the spring school holidays. Have you seen it?

Even in this short trailer there are so many jokes. My favourite is "Yes! Overpriced Coffee. That's $37. Awesome!!!"

And there's a character called Lord Business.

There is so much irony here. Oh I cannot wait!

Any thoughts about this being a feature length commercial? That we'll pay to go and see? That's awesome!! 

I'm sure I will be buying more Lego as a result. Ask me anytime why I think Lego is one of the best companies ever.