Pay it Forward: an initiative to help women entrepreneurs

I just recently watched the film Pay It Forward (Warner Brothers, 2000). It's a sweet movie (with a sad ending) about the power of sharing small ideas and doing small acts of kindness with no expectations in return. 

DELL (the computer company) has embarked on a Pay It Forward scheme that I can really get behind. It's to help and benefit entrepreneurial women. If each woman helped ten others get started or get to the next level in business then it would spread like wildfire. Their hope is to have helped 1 million women by 2015. Watch the short video clip and feel inspired. Then take action!

Just find someone who’s a believer in you
— DELL, Pay It Forward

What I took away from it was the fact that they don't mention how far up the 'success ladder' you have to be in order to impact another woman's life. You might know just a little bit more or know about some different things. When you share with a friend who is trying to get started, it might be all it takes. 

I get teary-eyed watching this video. Women have so many more hurdles than men in business. But we do so much MORE. "Women reinvest 90% back into their families and communities". 

So start thinking today about how you can Pay It Forward. It could be as simple as leaving a comment for me (as I would like to think my posts are part of my paying it forward efforts). You could send an email to a friend in business with a kind word of encouragement, let her know how her work has impacted you. Be kind, Be generous. Be supportive. There are many ways even us newbies can Pay It Forward and get that 1 million of us to the right place.

Comment below if you have paid it forward recently. Click the share buttons to get as many women entrepreneurs on board with this.