Feed your soul with free music and a GREAT marketing idea

Noisetrade is GREAT marketing!

Noisetrade is GREAT marketing!

Everybody loves something for free right? No strings attached? That's right, get all the music you could ever desire from Noisetrade. Is it really free? Well it doesn't have to be. Noisetrade has a really cool system of allowing you to leave a tip for the artist. But what's really going on here? Read on.

Here's the great marketing lesson we learn from Noisetrade. It's free for us (the music listener) ... in exchange for an email address and a postal code. 

NoiseTrade helps artists build their fan email lists by giving away 

free music in exchange for email addresses and postal codes.

Hmmm, what could they do with that information? They know how to get in touch and roughly where I live. Could they .... send me an email to let me know my newly discovered band has a new album out? Or tell me that my new favorite artist is planning a tour that includes my city! 

In our crowded lives what we crave most is a connection with things that mean something to us, that are useful and help us experience our lives in amazing ways.  Since I have already put up my hand as a fan of this band / genre of music the battle is halfway won when it comes to actually selling me something at some point in the future.

Is this something we can apply to our own businesses? abso-frick'n-lutely!

What can you GIVE AWAY that has real value so your potential customers will LOVE you and everything you're about?