Tell me about your business

Ideas! You’ve got plenty. In fact you have so many ideas that it feels like a problem. Ideas come thick and fast at the most inopportune times - in the shower, while driving, as you read your kids a bedtime story. But when it comes time to sit down with your laptop or journal your mind is suddenly blank and you don’t know what to do next.

This problem is all-too familiar to me. I know how overwhelmed you feel and I know that feeling of frustration.

If we were to get together in person, I would sit down with you or take a stroll with you, then listen.

I’d ask you to tell me about your business. I’d gently prod so that ideas started to flow.

Pretty soon you’d experience clarity and focus. It would become clear what your mission is and why you feel called to this business idea.

Excitement and optimism would replace the place of fear and frustration that you’ve been trapped in.

The racing mind that keeps you awake at night will transform into boundless energy as your fingers fly across the keyboard and pages of actionable notes spill from your mind.

Clarity. Focus. Action. Results.


Meet your teacher

Let me join your team! As your teacher I will look for opportunities to bring out the best in you, your ideas and your company. I will encourage you to experiment. I will guide you to decisions that intuitively feel right. I’ll be with your every step of the way but I trust that nobody knows your business better than you do - I’m just here to back you up when you need it.

Clarity. Focus. Action. Results.



I’ve developed a framework for supporting women in business over the past six years