Would you rather be trapped in the office drinking bad coffee, or …

Slurping ice cream and knocking back mojitos?

I know which one I’d rather be doing. But someone has to do it and luckily we have GREAT coffee at my office - come by and I’ll brew you a cup.

Marketing is that thing we all love to hate! Right? Wrong! I absolutely love marketing and I would love to help you by taking it off your hands.

This summer I’m sucking it up and staying put which sounds miserable but it’s really good news for you. While you’re working on your tan I’ll be working on your blog. While you’re kicking your feet up I’ll be kicking butt on your social media.

Imagine the sense of freedom you’ll feel knowing that your business is being talked about in all the right places and connecting with all the right people while you are taking care of you, doing the things that you are passionate about.

You will be in safe hands. Sounds amazing? And what’s even more amazing is that this could all be yours for a box of Hawaiian Host Macadamia Nuts and one of the easy breezy plans below.

Have you packed yet?